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From the desk of
Lee Cusano

Dear fellow contractor,

My name is Lee Cusano, owner of Lee’s Painting Service located in Grand Bay, AL I have been in the Painting and Drywall/Plaster Repair business since 1991.

Over the past years as a painter, I have had many drywall and plaster repair jobs come up. Believe me, most of these jobs are simple when you know how to do them the right way.

They weren’t all that easy at first until I knew what I was doing. Doing drywall and plaster the right way means your repairs not only look better when completed, but each job is a lot less labor and a lot less time spent diddling around trying to make it look good. Plus, it means better, faster money in your pockets.

Because I have been able to perfect the art of doing all sorts of drywall and plaster repairs, texturing jobs, etc. over the years in my painting business, I got good and know a lot of shortcuts. And I can show you these same easy techniques and how to do them quickly without hardly any practice simply because I discovered the RIGHT WAY of doing common wall and ceiling repair.

The $500 A Day Plan

You see, if you use the right materials and techniques, the drywall-plaster repair business becomes extremely easy as well as profitable. Yet for the customer it is like brain surgery and utterly impossible and they need you. And they expect it to cost a lot.

As a professional painter I sometimes get as much as $500 for 7 – 10 hours of work in the drywall repair business because of the perceived value of professional drywall and plaster repair.

I could easily reverse my present business (painting) and lead with drywall and plaster repair, hanging, texturing, etc. and do painting on the back end for extra profits.

There are tons of small jobs out there that command $200, $300, and even $500 for less than eight hours work. When it comes to plaster and drywall repair people automatically assume that it is going to be expensive! And they should. Just as in doing plumbing or electrical work, you will be the professional, fixing their wall or ceiling and making it look good again!

There are many jobs where you may be asked to fix simple loose tape seams. Using my fully-illustrated, in-color manual you will soon discover my quick, easy methods to getting the job done fast and looking good. In some cases, without ever having to remove to the loose tape seam at all.

There are jobs where you will be asked to repair drywall or plaster that has been water damaged. Again, duck soup! Using the right methods and materials makes this all very simple, very profitable.

  • Just this last week I did a minor repair job due to water damage that took only 7 hours to complete. I made $335.00 and my net profit was $320.00 after materials. I averaged almost $46 per hour.
  • Another job I recently did was 18 hours long and I made $770.00 and my net profit was $725.00 after materials. That equals out to just a hair over $40 per hour!
  • And when it comes to the price of gas these days, that cost can be blended into the bid as well (try doing that on a regular job!).

There are also texturing jobs which are very easy, yet command great profits. You may even be asked to hang drywall and finish it in a basement, garage or a new addition. These jobs are fun and when done right will make you proud!

  • If you get a job hanging drywall, you can have the Sheetrock delivered and brought right into the room you are working in for free – even if it’s a basement! (The customer pays the delivery charge, which isn’t a lot anyways). – No extra manual labor needed carrying the stuff!
  • You can just specialize in small jobs that command big profits, low hours and easy work.
  • With this manual you will also know how to accurately estimate exactly how much it will cost to hang, tape and finish the drywall.
  • You may be asked to install simple trim and even paint afterwards. This means all the more profits!

Make Some Serious Cash on the Side!

  • On some jobs you will only need to be there 3 – 4 hours the first day plus a couple of 1-2 hour stop backs to finish the job between coats and dry time – and you make $200 – $300, EASY MONEY.
  • Having your own business will always make you easier, faster money than you can make working for a boss and in BIGGER CHUNKS too!

Maybe you have a job and want a second income. All the experts agree that it is far better and more profitable to start a small, sideline business than it is to go out and hustle for part-time Mcpeanuts.

You won’t have to wait two weeks for a paycheck, you can make instant money in just a couple of days – Even an instant “down payment” on larger jobs that are over $500!

By Having Your Own Drywall and Plaster Repair Business You Can…

  • Make Instant Fast Cash
  • Easily Make as much as $30 – $70 Per Hour and More
  • Work Whatever Hours You Decide To Work
  • Use The Extra Money To Buy Anything You Want
  • Add On Extra Services Like Painting, Light Carpentry, Electrical Work, Small Plumbing Jobs, Etc…

These two photos show a wall that was smashed probably by something heavy coming down the stairs of a rental property. I fixed the wall and sealed it with primer afterwards for a smooth, rock-solid repair.





This is an excellent example of a super-easy, yet professional repair that commands big profits. Once re-painted no one will ever be able to tell that there was once wall damage there.





If you like the idea of getting paid big dollars for doing small drywall, sheetrock and plaster repairs and even texturing . . . PLUS getting paid a full-time income for working only part-time hours – This is for you!

Right off the bat you could be making $300, $500 or MORE “PER DAY” from your very first job – a job that only takes you a total of 8 – 10 hours on average. And customers many times need some drywall hung as well as repaired and even painted afterwards for even more profits!

  • Believe it or not, I have seen jobs where somebody totally made a mess out of a minor repair and they still walked away with $200 in their pocket for nothing more than probably a half an hour’s work.

Start Making Money in Your Own Drywall and Plaster Repair Business This Week!
Make $200 – $300 and even $500 Per Day Doing Easy Drywall and Plaster Repairs!

Discover How to Do ALL Types of Simple Repairs that No Homeowner Knows or Wants to Know!

Become a Pro TODAY and Make Big Money repairing simple problems like…

  • ALL types of Drywall and Plaster Repairs!
  • Water Damage Repairs!
  • Simple Fast Tape Line or Seam Repairs!
  • Ceiling repairs!
  • Easily repair any damaged area – Easily fix holes large or small!
  • You will know how to easily repair plaster (thin set and lath) as well as regular drywall – as if there was never a defect!
  • Make Big Profits Texturing Walls and Ceilings!
  • Hang and Finish Drywall (You will know how to accurately estimate hanging drywall.
  • Get jobs finishing basements, garages, additions…
  • You will know all the simple, low-cost tools that are needed (very inexpensive!)
  • Work Full or Part-time and make $30 – $70 per hour or MORE!
  • Discover how to write tiny ads that pull in customers like crazy every time!
  • Use my Free no-cost, low-cost methods for getting all the business you want!

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I can show you how to hide any flaw in plaster and drywall as if it was never there – Guaranteed!

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P.S. Believe it or not, I have seen jobs where somebody totally made a mess out of a minor repair and they still walked away with $200 in their pocket for nothing more than probably a half an hour’s work.

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